England’s women football veterans Kelly Smith and Faye White picked their dream all-time Euros XI side in the latest from Betway.

Starting off with the goalkeeper, Smith picked Germany’s Nadine Angerer from the list, branding her as “world-class”. 

“I remember standing in the tunnel, she just had this aura, this presence about her. She, by far, sticks out as the best,” Smith continued. 

Moving on to defenders, Smith kept the German lineup with former centre-half Ariane Hignst

“I’ve had many battles with her over the years in the Euros,” Smit said. “And she was probably one of the toughest players to play with as a centre-half because she knew how to defend, she loved to defend.”

White then hopped over to the right side, saying: “I think right-back there’s only one for me, and it would be Lucy.” This, of course, refers to England’s very own Lucy Bronze. 

According to her own words, the toughest one that Smith has played against on the left-hand side is France national Wendie Renard.  

White admired Renard’s height, noting: “I remember having to try and pick her up at set-pieces. I’m 5’11’’ and thinking ‘God, she’s a tower!’.”

Sweden’s Magdalena Eriksson was then picked as the final defender, with both English players agreeing that “she’s a leader” and she “commands the backline”. 

When it comes to midfielders, German-French-Norwegian trio Renate Lingor, Dzenifer Marozsan and Hege Riise were hand-picked as the best out of all female players listed in that position. 

For strikers, the one that “sticks out” for Smith is Birgit Prinz

White added: “Power, beast basically. She was so strong, so clinical. You knew you couldn’t give her an inch because she would just take that opportunity. Also what she’s left legacy-wise. Best forward ever, I believe.” 

A second forward was then introduced in the face of Dutch footballer Vivianne Miedema. And finally, White chose her co-host Smith to be the third forward by saying: “At a time when England weren’t one of the best teams, you were up there as third, you got World Player of the year. 

“You played in America, you just blew them away. I’ll put you there because you’d get my shout, but you’ve just got to agree on it.”

Betway draws women’s all-time Europe XI with Smith and White