As football heads into a new year, which culminates with a controversial Winter World Cup and the conclusion of a dramatic Premier League season, fans came together for 888sport’s The Eye Test to discuss why football needs to focus on supporters in 2022. 

It comes after a year in which football was engulfed in controversy and hostility, with plans outlined for the formation of the European Super League, which were later halted amid a backdrop of animosity from fans. 

Podcast host Rory Jennings stated that he found the year difficult from the perspective of a football fan – with there being so many moments in which it felt like the game was being snatched away from the fans, adding that he hopes the new year can see the purification of the sport. 

Manchester City fan, Steven McInerney also highlighted that fans are the last group to be regarded when it comes to changes in football, emphasising the need for consistency when it comes to VAR, especially considering the fans that are in the stadium. 

For Manchester United fan Flex, the focus needs to be on the governance of football, which is unsurprising given the relationship between United fans and the owners of the club. 

He also underlined his disgruntlement at the touted Americanisation of football, with 25 minute halftimes potentially being pushed forward last season, before backlash from fans. 

Tottenham fan, Abbi Summers, stated her belief that no team should be going into administration, given how football teams are integrated into communities and their importance to people. 

888sport The Eye Test: Football needs to focus on the fans in 2022