Ladbrokes and neverland media brought viewers behind the scenes of the firm’s latest marketing campaign, which played on the story of Philadelphia’s iconic fictional fighter, Rocky Balboa

Utilising significant FX capabilities, the campaign looks to recapture the dramatic story of the film, as Rocky powers through a run in his hometown. 

It aims to provide a ‘2022 twist’ on the legendary scene, which is brought together by combining a virtual world that marries with the real world footage. 

A plethora of eclectic characters were drawn upon in order for Ladbrokes to provide its own modern perspective on one of the biggest sporting movies of all time. 

Furthermore, the group underlined that it had to work like mathematicians and architects in order to build out a virtual world for the production to thrive.

Ladbrokes and neverland take viewers behind the scenes of ‘knockout’ new marketing campaign