Betfair got creative with its latest advertising campaign, collaborating with Pablo London for a unique advert. 

The campaign comes amid a backdrop of stricter regulations for gambling advertisements, making the successful campaign all the more impressive. 

Entitled ‘Finger Ball’ and featuring the classic anthem from Gala Rizzatto, Freed From Desire, the campaign looks to highlight the ease and efficiency of the Betfair mobile sportsbook product. 

At the heart of the campaign is Betfair’s Bet Builder offering, which has become a central part of the firm’s sportsbook offering. 

Pablo London’s Chris Turner underlined off the back of the advert that navigating regulatory frameworks can be challenging within the sports betting space, highlighting the ‘fine line’ between capturing the consumer’s attention and not missing the mark in terms of regulations. 

Bet builders have become a key product for sportsbooks, and are expected to be pivotal in maximising engagement at the upcoming World Cup.

Betfair unites with Pablo London for ‘Finger Ball’ advertising campaign