The latest from BetVictor’s podcast series ‘Last Fan Standing’ revealed that Liverpool is sure to overcome the current spell that it’s suffering from at the moment.

In the episode, show guest and avid Liverpool supporter Paul Machin wholeheartedly got behind the back of his favourite side, and its manager more specifically, to shush any doubters that might have been listening in. 

Machin shared that he has no doubts that ‘Liverpool should sell every player before considering letting go of Jürgen Klopp’. 

“When you lose a few matches and you’re in a bad form the football discourse is meant to follow and then you start talking about the manager. Here we can’t because, if not the best in the world, Klopp is in that very tight bracket at the top. You have to just trust him to get on with it.”

Machin also said that nothing major has happened to the club that gives any signs of getting off the brakes for the long run. 

“I don’t think anything’s really changed from the start of the season to say why Liverpool aren’t quite where they’re at. I think injuries played a huge part; in fact, they’re the most injured team that’s ever been in the Premier League.”

To hear more on this, as well as Gabriel Jesus getting back to Arsenal and Manchester United’s chances to qualify for the UCL, give the episode a listen. 

Last Fan Standing: Can Liverpool bounce back?