The latest episode of Beyond the Reels explores Amusnet Interactive’s latest title slot, Drops of Water, which doubles up as a charity initiative.

Senior Product Project Manager Yordan Georgiev explained that the title donates three percent of its profits to international water-funding charities. Such is the premise of the game as well, which includes water-themed respins, cash value symbols and jackpot cards.

Expanding on the game’s features, Georgiev said: “Once the player sees five bonus symbols on the screen, then he triggers the respin feature. 

“Once it is visualised in front of him, these five bonus symbols are transformed into drops of water with different amounts of money that you can collect, then the feature starts and the player has three respins to make where the goal is to see a full screen of drops with amounts of money.”

The jackpot cards feature is not something new in the arsenal of Amusnet, as Georgiev mentioned that it’s “a very famous feature” among players.

“The interesting thing is that it can be triggered anytime by any player. So playing the game Drops of Water, any player can trigger the jackpot card feature. They will see a screen with 12 cards where the player can select from. 

“The goal in this jackpot feature is to collect one of the four levels that we have. We have clubs, we have diamonds, we have hearts, and spades, and the first three cards that are open from the player are the amount of money that player can collect.”

On the questions whether the company plans to create other charity games such as Drops of Water, Georgiev responded: “We have ideas for another game with a charity. We have released Drops of Water this month and we’ll see how it performs. We will definitely make another game for charity purposes.”

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