In an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, UFC President Dana White expressed his belief that the Canadian government overreacted when it came to the decision of banning UFC betting in the region. 

Nonetheless, White was candid in admitting that the investigation has caused concern for the premier Mixed Martial Arts competition, as he revealed the organisation has always warned fighters to stay away from gambling. 

He added that athletes would have to be ‘stupid’ to get involved with gambling, adding that they ‘always get caught’. 

White also warned that the punishment for those engaged in such corruption would end up in prison, as he described the situation as ‘crazy and unfortunate’. 

“This has happened in every sport, in every sport somebody thinks they’re smarter than everybody else, but really they are the dumbest guy in the room and you will get caught and you will go to prison. 

“If you’re that dumb and you’re willing to take that risk, ruining your life for money, we can tell people until we are blue in the face.” 

He then compared corruption to steroid use, with the promotion warning fighters consistently that they will get caught, however, he added that the punishments for fight-fixing are ‘another level’. 

UFC President Dana White issues stark warning to athletes over gambling