Verse Gaming has launched a new media wing dedicated to “expanding the digital and social brand” of Verse Fantasy.

According to the company, Verse Media will invest new resources and deploy new tools to aid the growth of its digital assets.

To mark the launch, the firm released its first commercial titled “Win Every Week” which it says offers a glimpse into the brand Verse is building.

The ad features someone who has lost a fantasy contest to his jubilant friend and he is seen getting a loser tattoo on his back and standing at the side of the road with a sign proclaiming he “sucks” at fantasy sports while his victorious friend drives past.

Dan Zimmermann, CEO of Verse Gaming, said: “When it comes to social media, only a handful of fantasy sports companies have put the time and effort into cultivating major followings and brand identities. 

“For the brands that have succeeded in this, they’ve seen a clear and tangible impact on their user base growth and brand loyalty. Verse outpaces many of the most household names in our space on social, and we plan to continue this focus as we make our way to the top of the gaming industry.” 

Verse Media will be overseen by Zimmermann alongside Lou Firmstone, Senior Producer at Verse Media, and Aidan Wahlert, Director of Content at Verse Media.

Each of the trio will host their own recurring live show which will be streamed across TikTok, Youtube and Instagram.

The company says that Verse Media’s TikTok account has already gained over 7,000 followers. It added that overall Verse has generated over 330 million views, 20 million likes and over 200,000 views across its various social media channels.

 “Our push to internet virality has captured the attention of the sports social media community,” added Wahlert. “Whether it’s primetime athletes engaging with our content or being reposted by multi-million follower accounts, we are starting to establish a powerful digital footprint.”

Enhancing Verse’s social media presence is consistent with the promise that Zimmerman made to Jesse Learmonth during an interview for at the SBC Summit North America.

He told Learmonth that “you’re not going to get around seeing Verse Fantasy next season” and added that Verse planned to form partnerships with “cultural cornerstones” of the fantasy industry.

Verse Gaming launch media wing to expand “digital and social brand”