Symplify and Jada Gaming sat down with SBC to discuss their recent merge, highlighting why the focus on culture has made them a perfect combination.

At the end of 2021, iGaming marketing automation firm Symplify set its sight on a company that it believed will help them achieve something that people have ‘never quite got right’ before.

And for the total sum of $30m, December was the month which saw Symplify acquire iGaming artificial intelligence specialists Jada Gaming. For Symplify’s CMO Paul Crisp, the way both entities have built a positive company culture has made product integration that much more successful.

He said: “This was a real dovetailing of two products that are entirely necessary, we believe, running a successful iGaming operation. The personal and technical chemistry is very potent, and it raises ‘why hasn’t this been done before and patented earlier?’.

“It has been done earlier, but people have never quite got it right, and that’s where we feel we’re going to make a difference, and we see we’re making a difference already.”

Jada’s Co-Founder and CTO Josh Jones also praised the large number of similarities between the firms’ in-house cultures.

Jones stated: “I think it’s very important that you get cultures that really mix well together, and it’s not just some buzzword that people throw around, it does have relevance. I think we can see that in how fast we managed to integrate the platforms – because the culture was so closely aligned and we were able to, in record time, integrate the products.”

On the prevalence of gambling harm and how AI can help in reducing it, Jones commented: “Right up until the end of a customer’s journey, you can use AI to detect and prevent that.

“You can also exclude a company if they have a responsible gambling problem, which is an important aspect, if somebody is chasing their bets or playing longer sessions than usual.

“You can use manual rules, but it’s so much better if you use AI for this because patterns change, and you can retrain your models easily to keep this in consideration and keep up with the times.”

Reflecting on Jada’s AI capabilities and how Symplify has found them useful, Crisp also highlighted a resulting “safer environment” for players, including an added protection for operators with regards to compliance.

Crisp concluded: “This is not just for a moral issue, but also to enable the operator to add a level of safety and security for themselves, so they know what their database is doing at any one time.”

Symplify and Jada Gaming underline the importance of company culture