With the ‘biggest betting event of the year’ in our wake, Legal Sports Report delves into how the different states fared during the 2021 Super Bowl and how the coronavirus crisis affected gambling revenues in the latest episode of the LSR Podcast.

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Adam Candee, Managing Editor at Legal Sports Report

Matt Brown, Co-Host of Legal Sports Report

Dustin Gouker, Head of Content at Legal Sports Report

Legal Sports Report is a US-based sports betting and fantasy sports news outlet, providing updates and analysis from the industry.

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Touching on the figures released by the various US states, Gouker noted: “We’re approaching half-a-billion dollars in what we know was wagered in legal markets across the US. The leader in that is still Nevada, which is no surprise, with more than $136 million wagered in Nevada. New Jersey was not too far behind with about $117 million. Then you have a lot that have opened up like Illinois and Pennsylvania that have had pretty decent handle and a lot of action.

“For me, it’s interesting because Nevada has always been the top dog. People visit Nevada and this is down a little bit with people not visiting casinos to bet on the Super Bowl as much but still, it did good business on the Super Bowl. But New Jersey really picked up as a Super Bowl betting market. They were kind of low last year and we just figured Nevada always has this market cornered but New Jersey has really started turning that around and doing some brisk business.”

In response, Brown hypothesised whether the next edition of the annual National Football League (NFL) championship game could reach the one billion in wagers mark: “We will have a much more mature Colorado market, Pennsylvania market, Illinois market, Michigan market and we’ll have Louisiana joining the fray. We should get back the over-the-counter stuff in Vegas and also Mississippi. 

“When people get back to travel and it becomes a destination type of thing where you can spend a weekend at a casino to watch the Super Bowl, I’m not going to say a billion or say it will double but I bet this time next year we’re talking $700 or $800 million. That could even be a conservative estimate.”

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To gain an insight into the betting revenue statistics and figures from the 2021 Super Bowl and learn about new developments across the Michigan market as it looks to launch online sports betting.

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