Catching up with SBC Media at last year’s SBC Summit North America, the CSO of MaximBet outlined the company’s priorities.

Speaking on the strategies that MaximBet is using to achieve a satisfied customer base, Paul Leggett said: “MaximBet is betting combined with experiential marketing and a big loyalty programme, so we invest very heavily in loyalty, into real world experiences. But we also just want to give our customers access to exclusive benefits and rewards and give them the opportunity to participate in the Maxim lifestyle.”

Such lifestyle also includes interaction with various sports teams, for which Leggett added: “We want to give our customers the opportunity to go to games and have amazing experiences, and we also want to engage with broader audiences at those venues. So, partnerships with football teams and basketball teams are a big part of what MaximBet is about.”

MaximBet launched in Colorado last September, while this year it expects to be greenlighted for a total of 8 states, including Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Louisiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

MaximBet: “We invest heavily in loyalty”