With the first presidential debate scheduled to take place on Tuesday the 29th of September Star Sports William Kedjanyi and Johnny Ward get political in episode three of The Polling Station

(starting at 4:52)

The focus of the upcoming debate will be divided into six segments of approximately 15 minutes each on: The Trump and Biden Records, COVID-19, The Supreme Court, Law and Order, The Economy, Race and Violence in our Cities and The Integrity of the Election with Kedjanyi believing: “Trump will be very happy to go on Law & Order and the Supreme Court but I think Biden will be very happy to go on the coronavirus.” 

The session being moderated by Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace and the method of the winner being chosen is a CNN snap poll.

Star Sports has given Biden at 8/13 odds to win the first debate with Trump at 6/5. The outcome will be decided by a CNN snap poll.

Yet will this debate be a forecast for the electoral election? Going off the previous campaign Kedjani explained: “Trump lost all three debates last time to Hilary Clinton, if we are using snap polls to settle this. He lost them all pretty comprehensively too. This of course didn’t change the results of the election, for those that are possibly thinking down that road this time.

“70% of people already have their minds pretty much made up, with regards to the election and won’t let the debate affect them. But that still leaves 29% who think it’s important and that’s considerably more than the amount of people that say that they are undecided at the moment.

“I think we’ll see some quite lively market action.” 

Star Sports looks toward first US presidential debate