Speaking at SBC Summit Barcelona, Shape Games CEO Morten Tonnesen went over the company’s acquisition by Kambi.

As to why the deal took place, Tonnesen explained: “It seemed like a good opportunity. Shape Games has been growing significantly over the last couple of years, taking a lot of new clients onboard. 

“With a big brother like Kambi, working closer together and being on the same team, we hope to deliver a lot more growth and better quality products for our customers.”

On what Shape Games saw in Kambi to instigate the deal, Tonnesen said: “When looking to join or potentially get acquired by someone bigger, first and foremost we were looking for the quality and technology that Kambi has. 

“Cultural fit was also important in terms of a ‘no asshole’ policy. It’s important to work with people that we like. With Kambi, we have shared values and shared thoughts on how to run a business and how to deliver great value to customers.”

Looking into the future, Shape’s CEO detailed that a more personalised experience for bettors is a key objective on the roadmap for the two companies.

He added: “Some of the key things that we’re looking at are building on some of the successes of the core betting experience that Kambi delivers. 

“One of the main factors that we see in demand from our existing customers when it comes to having conversations with prospects is that there’s a lot of need for personalisation and delivering a different betting experience instead of the spreadsheet that is delivered by most operators.

“Making a more personalised and a more easily digestible process are some of the things that we will be looking at initially to deliver to the market.”

Shape Games: Kambi M&A to bring “more personalised” bettor experience