What is it?

The first in a series of webinars leading up to next month’s Betting on Sports America – Digital, discusses some of the ways in which different companies have reaped the rewards of such partnerships and acted as a force for good within the industry.

As more states are added to the list of jurisdictions in the United States of America where sports betting is now legal and fully operational, betting companies have made a foray into the world of sports organisations, identifying an inventory for a ‘whole new revenue stream’.

Who is it?


Patrick Evans, Reporter, Front Office Sports

James Van Stone, President of Business Operations and Chief Commercial Officer, Monumental Sports and Entertainment

Eric Foote, Chief Commercial Officer, PointsBet USA.


Kevin Smith, Director of Marketing North America, SBC

What is being said?

Patrick Evans:“I feel that not embracing sports betting will turn engagement off, which I think is why this is so big right now as we’re seeing broadcast ratings crater. There were so many sports at one time and I don’t know how much of that are these new streaming platforms and how much of that is social justice awareness.”

“When you start integrating in sports betting odds or whatever you want to integrate into broadcast, I think that starts to provide a second screen opportunity. If you’re just watching TV and you’ve got Twitter up then you’re distracted from it.

“We’ve seen plenty of studies and demographic info saying that younger audiences don’t like sports as much as the older audiences. I think a lot of that has to do with how much they’re on their phone and not actually watching sports or just doing other things.

Why should I watch it?

As a preview before Betting on Sports America – Digital conference the first of the webinar episode brings together leading executives from all aspects of the ecosystem to discuss what has worked so far, what we have learned, and the potential for what lies ahead in 2021 and beyond.

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