Experienced bettor and trained attorney Mike Roselli joins the Business of Betting Podcast to discuss his journey into the world of sports betting, offering a legal professional’s view on the world of gambling.

Who is it?

Mike Roselli, Chief Compliance and Legal Officer at PlayUp USA

Jake Williams, Host of the Business of Betting Podcast

What is being said?

Explaining how the ‘betting industry’ was a natural fit for the Chicago-based attorney, Roselli said: “I realised about six or seven years ago that there’s so many crossovers, from an objective, well-trained, legal mind with a well-trained market betting mind. There’s the same scepticism and not allowing your emotions to get in the way of your analysis. It’s the same idea as law – you’re spotting issues, you’re planning your reasoning in the form of data, and you’re coming to a conclusion. There’s a lot of similarities there.

“I say I started doing this seriously about five or six years ago and that’s really what helped kick-start me, and what really kick-started my bankroll was Mayweather vs McGregor in August 2017 which is a day that we should all remember as the unicorn betting event of our lifetime so far!

“When it became evident that PASPA was going to be overturned, even before 2018, that’s when I started putting my eye on moving my career into the space, aside from betting, but moving my legal career into the space and fully immersing myself into everything here.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn how the law and betting sectors intertwine and to listen to an industry professional discuss his beginnings in the gambling market.

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Source: Business of Betting Podcast YouTube Channel

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