Throw back to June 2020 with Episode 138 of the Business of Betting Podcast that caught up with Mark Alati about the NSW Bookmakers Co-operative, his transition from retail to online and how the pandemic has affected the betting industry down under.

What is it?

The podcast discusses bookmaking in 2020 looking at what the future holds: for betting, the next generation of punters and oncourse bookmakers. The interview also reflects upon Alatis career and lessons he’s learned along the way. 

Who is it?

Mark Alati, Founder, VIP Betting Services

Jake Williams, Host, Business of Betting Podcast

What is being said?

When asked for his reasoning behind adding an online feature to his retail business Alati responded: “I think it was expedited by COVID, it was always in the works for that to happen, the Co-Op platform we use has a system called jaguars that most of us use on track that could be linked with our online services. 

Our web developers could do that fairly cost effectively and you could recognise what’s happening. I’ve only been a bookmaker for probably four years but even in that time I could see crowds diminishing. 

Everywhere you look you see someone looking at their phone now either they’re checking Facebook or they’re having a bet. If you can’t beat em they say you’ve got to join them and so I developed VIP betting services.”

Why should I watch it?

There is a lot of ground covered in this podcast and it gives a glimpse in to Australian betting market with a focus on the future of on course bookmakers. It shows how the betting landscape has been affected by the pandemic and how it has had to adapt to changing restrictions. Safer gambling is also talked upon addressing the culture shift in industry to adapt safer gambling messaging and tools. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Business of Betting Podcast on YouTube

Business of Betting Podcast: Bookmakers in 2020