What is it?

During a networking round table titled ‘Basic strategy to gamification: product design, execution and user experience’ at SBC Digital Summit CIS, our very own Stewart Darkin was joined by leading industry experts to discuss the do’s and don’ts to create a better player experience. 

Who is it?


Karolina Pelc, Owner, Basic Strategy Advisory

Matthias Capara, Gamification Advocate, Specialist Consultant

Martin Sandstrom, Product Architecture and UX Specialist, Double Clap


Stewart Darkin, MD, CasinoBeats

What is being said?

Pelc: “The gaming experience is quite often all about win or loss, and that’s exciting on its own. However, adding the gamification layer lets the operator react to so much more because you can progress players through the near-misses or the losses – and how they feel about them – with simple measures that the technology now allows.”

Ciappara: “We have to look into ways of making the experience feel so much more than just a transaction, where the player is depositing money and betting,” 

“Players need to feel they’re progressing in something and they’re also being competitive with each other.

“These game mechanics especially help in making our offering much more appealing to the younger demographic that are used to these mechanics in other applications and also their everyday lives.”

Why should I watch it?

Gamification has become a buzzword in industry in recent years, this panel outlines the phases of gamifying a product, from design to execution and, finally, user experience, while also seeking to challenge misconceptions that have led to gamification being viewed by sceptics as childish or intangible. 

The panel looks at what gamification means for the betting and gaming industry and how the sector can look beyond tournaments, a crucial watch for the industry in a year where contact has been limited to customers its key to see how gamification can allow the industry to engage with players. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Digital Summit CIS: The future of Gamification