At the SBC Digital Summit CIS as part of the panel, titled ‘Impact of Gaming Regulations on the Economy’, industry experts considered improvements to employment rates, gaming tourism as well as more investment opportunities, discussing the compelling benefits of regulated gaming. 

Panelists look at how the legalisation of gambling can mean a greater degree of safety for consumers discussing how it can also bring a range of possibilities to help drive local economies.

What is it?

The panel looks at the impact gambling regulations have had in Russia, discussing the governments improving relationship with sports betting and gambling regulations. 

It also discusses if a CIS region can use gambling as its main driver for its economy. 

Who is it?

Maxim Afanasyev, CPO,  Liga Stavok

Illya Machavariani, Senior Partner, 4H Agency Independent Consultant to Ukraine Government

Bachana Shengelia, Head of Sector Research, Galt & Taggart

Yurii Shevchuk, Head of Compliance and Regulations, Parimatch

What is being said?

When asked by Machavariani if a CIS region can use gambling as its main driver for its economy, Shevchuk answered: “It might be for little countries, for example Georgia, but for Russia, for now no because there is only betting legalised… For Ukraine it might be in some particular regions because we see that there might be a good collaboration, especially in casinos. 

“Historically we have very good relationships with Turkish investors and they can build hotels, they can build roads, and they can build infrastructure and bring money… so maybe they will join and it will be like casino tourism to Ukraine. 

Shevchuck concluded by drawing comparisons to Malta: “If we compare with Malta then maybe in Georgia, yes. Malta is a little island that was built and its economical strengths over the last few years, it’s linked with gambling, with digitalising and cryptocurrencies and they want to be the leaders in Europe.”

Why should I watch it?

To better understand of gaming regulation’s past in the CIS region and understand how it is now progressing. 

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

CIS: Can gambling be used as main driver for economy