888 Holdings Plc has announced a new ad campaign under the name ‘Made to Play’, bringing all 888 brands under one umbrella.

The move will see flagship offerings 888casino, 888sport, and 888poker all advertised with the same 888 domain.

It is expected for ‘Made to Play’ to be first launched in the UK, where it will air on multiple social media platforms. Television will also act as an additional communication channel, broadcasting 30-to-60 seconds adverts onto the small screen over a five-week period.  

Sivan Finn Shalev VP Strategic Marketing at 888, said: “The launch of our Made to Play master brand strategy is an important step for us, combining each of the strong brands we have built over the years under a consistent message that articulates what makes 888 stand out from the crowd and why our customers love playing with us.”

Through the ‘master brand strategy’, 888 aims to compress decades of experience into a single showcase, demonstrating why it is one of the most dominant and trusted players on the market.

Further plans for the ‘Made to Play’ campaign include greenlighting it for all other targeted markets by the end of 2022, as well as an expansion on to the 888’s sub-brands over the summer.

‘Made to Play’ campaign brings all 888 brands together