It’s no coincidence that England have made it to the semi-finals of the UEFA European Championships for the first time in 25 years just as star striker Harry Kane has come into his stride, and the bookmakers concur.

In the latest edition of the Star Sports Trader Chat, Johnny Ward was joined by Flynn Goward as the pair digested England’s chance of making the final of Euro 2020 and overcoming Denmark in the process.

“We’re still favourites – England are 6/4, Italy are 23/10, Spain are 11/4 and Denmark are 9/1,” Goward explained. “We’ve got all the usual specials up such as player of the tournament and Sterling is now up as favourite there at 7/2 and Kane’s in there at 9/1.

“Kane could be a valued player if he does get those goal-scoring boots on in the next game and if we get to the final.”

The England captain, who netted a brace against the Ukraine and was a whisker away from turning it into a hat-trick, has been ‘true to his word’, as highlighted by Ward, who noted that a large proportion of fans were ‘sceptical’ about his form and injury woes prior to the tournament.

Meanwhile, Goward touched on France’s shock exit and Belgium’s bow from the tournament at the hands of Italy and how this impacted the continually fluctuating ante post markets. 

He continued: “France were the biggest losers for us but we actually had a decent bet on Belgium as well, and that was in-play during their game where they eventually went out, so France and Belgium going out were the biggest losers. That was fantastic for the ante post-book and delighted to see them get knocked out. Not just for England but for the book as well.

“Italy would be a small loser for us and the only loser left in the ante post-book. We did a Trader Chat before the tournament and I said Italy were proving to be pretty popular.”

Looking ahead to this evening’s highly anticipated clash Gowan lauded Spain as a ‘fantastic result’ as they prepare to face Italy for a place in the final.

“With Spain, we would cop the lot because they’ve been really unpopular with the punters in the ante post-market. England would be very, very small winners and Denmark would be a decent winner but then like I said, Spain would be the ones to get us the lot.”

Star Sports: A Spanish victory would be fruitful for sportsbooks