Simon Hammon, CPO, Relax Gaming, talks to Stewart Darkin, MD, CasinoBeats delving into what made Money Train 2 one of the hits of 2020. Simon will also give his perspective to expect for the casino games space for 2021. 

What is it?

In the interview taken from CasinoBeats Slots Festival they talk about Relax’s successful 2020, partnerships, their 2021 roadmap for the company, the role that the steaming community now has within the industry and overcoming obstacles presented by the pandemic. 

Who is it?

Simon Hammon, CPO, Relax Gaming

Stewart Darkin, Managing Director, CasinoBeats 

What is being said?

Hammon on streamers future with slots: “In this increasing competition where visibility of your product has become tougher and tougher and operators aren’t giving you the campaigns or the marketing or the product placement you feel your product deserves, it’s fantastic now that there is an increased awareness and vehicle for that.

“Steamers being one but traditional affiliates media is another; they are waking up to the importance of working closer with a supplier industry. 

“Streamers are great because they give you a touch point with the end player and that’s what you’re looking for really. You want the end player to see the product, you want other players to see your product but you also want the feedback from that, you want to know what’s happening. 

“Of course we pore over data and we look over the BI streams of what is happening and you get an understanding of performance and resonation but you can’t replace that with actual player feedback, positive or negative and streamers have given us the additional ability to do that.”  

Hammon on overcoming obstacles presented by the pandemic: “It’s no secret that relax has had a fantastic 2020. I don’t think the pandemic is such a driver in that but it hasn’t done us any disservice, it’s also helped our growth and grow the partner ambitions that we brought on. 

“But it has had its challenges and it has been difficult. We had to make sure that our studios and our creative people, who often thrive when working as a team are now working in isolated environments but we’ve adapted really well.

“I’d hazard a guess that as a company, we’ve been more productive than actually being in an office environment.

“This new reality that we’ve been facing is actually a positive. You need to work really closely to keep that motivation and that value you, as a company, have with your staff. It’s working well, I hate to say.  We’ve been supporting it and people are comfortable.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain an insight look into a stellar 2020 for Relax Gaming and the future of the company. 

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Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Relax Gaming: what to expect for the casino games space in 2021