From mammoth moaners to prominent pranksters, Burnley FC players Nick Pope and Charlie Taylor gives fans an insight into their fellow teammates in a Dafabet-sponsored video.

The Premier League team, which reunited with online gambling brand Dafabet in September 2020, sat down with the pair to discuss the remaining squad members in a light-hearted film.

Goalkeeper Pope and defender Taylor were in agreement that the ‘most skilful’ accolade should go to Dwight McNeil, after Taylor laughed that, “I don’t think we’ve really got anyone!”

Pope added: “He’s probably got the most take-ons in our team, I’d say. He goes past most players. Bags of talent, hasn’t he?”

The pair poked fun at teammate Ben Mee who they awarded the ‘most intelligent’ category, with Pope noting that the Clarets squad has ‘quite a low standard’ when it comes to brainpower. However, he justified his decision: “I literally judged this the other day because he’s probably the only one that brings a book on the coach. It’s not your every day, normal day book, either. Maybe it’s total rubbish but it looks rather intelligent.”

When asked which of the Burnley squad would make the best DJ, Taylor identified Jimmy Dunne’s ranging tastes in music, adding that ‘he likes his country music which I like as well’, to which Pope scoffed: “What? Dolly Parton?!”

Instead, Pope said: “I’ve gone for Ben Mee because I think he would do a range of music from what the younger lot like and what the older lot like.”

Ashley Barnes and Ashley Westwood were picked out as the biggest jokers among the team, with Pope saying: “That’s their carpool. They obviously can’t come in together at the minute but they spend an hour a day in the car just talking about what they’re going to do in the dressing room when they get here.

“If something is happening in the dressing room, if those two aren’t involved in it, they definitely know something about it,” he added.

Moving onto ‘worst fashion fashion sense’, the duo joked that ‘we could have a top 10 here!’ before eventually Taylor settled on Josh Brownhill as the culprit.

“He wore a t-shirt the other day and it was about 20 sizes too big for him,” he noted on the 25-year-old’s dress sense. “I could’ve pitched a tent up and put his whole family in it.”

Conversely, Pope picked out striker Jay Rodriguez as having the best fashion sense in the squad, jesting: “He’s the only man that can pull off brown corduroy in the Premier League!”

Burnley duo poke fun at teammates in Dafabet-sponsored feature