Behind the Badge – Burnley FC: evolution on and off the pitch 

Burnley FC has undergone significant evolution in recent times, as the club’s Head of Commercial, Marcus Mellor, described the global impact that comes with being a top flight club. 

Speaking on the debut episode of the Behind the Badge podcast, Mellor emphasised that the global eyes on the Premier League create a different type of conversation when it comes to the commercial avenues of the club. 

“Put simply, the number of eyeballs that are on the Premier League far exceed those that are on the Championship, so in terms of the conversations we are having with potential partners, they become a lot more global,” he told hosts George Harborne and Joe Streeter. 

“Conversations in the Championship are very much more of a national place, whereas in the Premier League it becomes a lot more of a global entity and a global sell. That is probably the biggest change, alongside the value of deals, which obviously increases in the Premier League.” 

He went on to emphasise the importance of utilising all the tools that are available to Burnley in order to leverage their USP as a brand marketing platform in the Premier League.

Mellor also discussed how the appetite to evolve on the pitch under the coaching of Belgian and Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany, has been contagious to the team off the pitch, drawing attention to a number of deals that showcase the Clarets ability to innovate commercially. 

Being data-driven is at the heart of the Clarets strategy, as the club looks to maximise collaborations and continue to grow its commercial footprint. 

“We are not reinventing the wheel here, but historically we probably haven’t been as savvy as we could have been with data – particularly when we look at ourselves as a commercial proposition. 

“An example is our relationship with TikTok, it really gave us a USP in terms of our women’s proposition. We have really looked into a couple of platforms that will be utilised and to understand the true value of our assets.”

To hear to the full debut episode of the Behind the Badge podcast, listen here.