Kenyan betting operator Betsafe has initiated a catchy new advertising campaign, teaming up The Jacks in a music-video inspired commercial.

In the video, The Jacks – a three piece act – and fellow artist Prince Mpedzisi suit up for a day of sports and jackpots, whilst viewers are encouraged to ‘Free the Jacks’.

Walking through the town, the three well-dressed Jacks – the Daily Jack, Middle Jack and Super Jack – catch eyes and spot jackpots wherever they go, in the form of a group of bikers, a group of clothes manufacturers with a golden sewing machine and a friend enjoying the football.

Heading to a local bar, the trio then enjoy their winnings from the day’s football matches with the patrons, whilst the title song ‘Free’ plays in the background.

Other campaigns have seen the operator leverage its partnerships with Kenyan Premier League clubs Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards, in a collaboration which saw the trio promote a ‘responsibility first’ message.

A recently launched subsidiary of Betsson AB, Betsafe’s entry into the Kenyan market has been powered not only by its marketing initiatives but also through product development, having commissioned sports betting innovation studio Incentive Games to create a range of free-to-play games.

Source – Betsafe Kenya YouTube Channel

Betsafe encourages players to ‘Free the Jacks’