With the Champions League Final fast approaching, Paddy Power has reminisced about some of the more entertaining and innovative banners wielded by football fans in recent years.

Taking a unique spin on bettor and sports fan engagement, the Paddy Power Banners Headline showcased a weird and wonderful selection of football supporters’ best creations, allowing the average fan to have his or her voice heard.

Observing the imagination of the average football fan, the helpline assisted with a range of unique designs, such as a banner featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the form of ‘David Moyes, Skellator, Postman Pat and a shaved Mick Hucknall’.

Another creative design ‘the size of a Lidl’ was dreamed up by a concerned Cityzen, featuring the UEFA boardroom – portrayed by a collection of muppets led a suit-waring Kermit the Frog – going through a PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Agenda’ – the agenda being to ‘1. Stop Man City. 2. Stop Man City. 3. Stop Man City’.

Lastly, other sports fans took to the terraces not only to voice their support of or their anger at varying sporting organisations, but also to try and find a good business deal, in an innovative move that would leave even Paddy Power’s marketing team impressed.

The banner in question read ‘BMX 4 Sale. 42 Kwid’, whilst also helpfully leaving a contact number for any potential customers, and also reminding any buyers that other offers would be considered.

Paddy Power’s latest video followed some of its Fan Denial marketing campaigns, with one video displaying the opinions of a range of Manchester City and Chelsea fans following the team’s most recent Premier League clash, a fixture many fans see as a preview for the upcoming Champions League Final.

Source – Paddy Power YouTube Channel 

Paddy Power helps the UK’s football fans make their voices heard