Kindred Group’s marketing team has offered an inside scoop into the company’s operations via a new video series.

In particular, the interviewees highlighted the Nasdaq Stockholm-listed firm’s achievements in areas such as sustainability, diversity, tech development and positioning.

“The best part is to wake up in the morning and not to feel daunted by the upcoming day,” said Elen Barber, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

`It’s to come to work and to look at the opportunities that are in front of me, and the achievements.”

The opportunities and achievements Barber refers to could include Kindred’s sports sponsorship and marketing portfolio, as well as its advertising initiatives. 

Like many other gambling groups, the company has worked to establish a presence in betting-related sports sectors, such as partnering with ‘Racing is Everyone’s Sport and Swedish Elite Football via its Unibet brand.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Bourell, Head of Marketing Programmes, focused on sustainability, arguing that Kindred has positioned itself to stand out from the competition. 

“There is a way Kindred is positioned in terms of a sustainable and long-term company and the objectives that we have, and when I compare us to some of our competitors, some companies not necessarily in our industry, I’m proud of what we do.” 

Highlighting diversity, he added: “I spent my first six months next to a Greek person, my next seven months next to a German person. It goes on with countries on floors and floors, and for me, this was something I discovered when I joined Kindred.”

The interviewees also placed a heavy emphasis on innovation, asserting their belief that it is important to have a ‘constant strive’ to improve on past results, whilst also utilising technology. 

“There’s a constant strive to do better and that’s something that I’m very proud of – that whatever we do, there’s a why behind what we are doing,” said Kamayani Ghatak, Head of CRM Nordics.

Joshua Venables, Senior Optimisation Manager, added: “We’re evolving as a tech business, we’ve got a lot more things coming onboard. You’ve always got responsibilities, hands-on, but we also have a great time as well.” 

The Manager also shared his views on cross-departmental collaboration at the firm, stating: “The best part of my role is probably working with a number of different teams. It creates an atmosphere where we’re all pulling in the same direction.”

Lastly, Angelo di Lascio, Head of Biddable Media, focused on areas such as responsible gambling and compliance, with the company notably having made a commitment to generating 0% of its revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.

“Here at Kindred, we do work on a variety of projects and a variety of markets that keep us busy and constantly challenged, so we definitely don’t get bored,” he said.

“How we lead the way for compliance for example and responsible gaming, that is something that makes me proud to be part of Kindred.”

Kindred: Marketing team highlight compliance, responsibility and innovation