Launching a new mockumentary series, Paddy Power has teamed up with Jamie Redknapp, who conducts investigations into ‘modern football’s biggest crimes’.

The debut episode of the new ‘hard-hitting’ series focuses on a topic described by football fans in the video variously as ‘foul’, ‘filth’ and vomit inducing – the sale of ‘half-and-half scarves’. 

Taking a trip around North London to investigate the ‘half a billion pounds’ industry, Redknapp speaks to Brian, a divorced businessman who was inspired by his tragic tale to create a lucrative new product. 

In a follow-up to investigate the environmental impacts of half-and-half scarves, the former England international and Liverpool and Tottenham player spoke to Lisa, a blunt activist who informed him of the product’s ‘short shelf-life’ and the impact it has on other countries. 

Commenting on the new series, spokesperson Paddy Power said: “Forget diving, dodgy VAR calls and people leaving early – half-and-half scarves are the biggest disgrace in football right now. 

“So, we put our best man on the case to investigate and uncover the ugly truth about this scourge of modern football that we know annoys all true football fans across the country.

“Because there are some things that just don’t look right together, like pasta and ketchup or Tottenham and trophies.”

Released next Friday, episode two of Jamie Redknapp Investigates will see Paddy Power’s new lead investigator tackle the prominent subject matter of Twitter trolls and football – something which the Fluter Entertainment brand is more than familiar with via its Fan Denial series.

Paddy Power enlists Jamie Redknapp to investigate half-and half scarf controversy