Remote working has become a familiar concept over the past two- years, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced many to lock their office doors and take their careers home.

However,  for some companies, hybrid working strategies have been a long-running feature of their operations – companies such as KaFe Rocks, and it/s Time2Play brand. 

Speaking to SBC Senior Media Executive Erin Gallagher for GamblingTV, KaFe Rocks Head of People Cordelia Morgan-Cooper discussed that the past two-years have been ‘business as usual’ for the ‘remote first’ firm.

A key benefit of unlimited leave and flexible work schedules, Morgan-Cooper explained:, “Tthe igaming affiliate can offer the support that its employees need on those days when they may be affected by mental health.

“When we first started to look at our benefits back in September, we analysed the ways that we could support people all over the world. We started to look at previous employee surveys, and then we also sent out a company-wide survey of what benefits we have now and what benefits would people like. 

“What we started to see was really a couple of themes around not necessarily vacation and not necessarily mental health, but around ideas around added support. People wanted to feel more supported with a work life balance. 

“So after having done the research, we spoke to a couple of businesses. We have since partnered with the Richmond foundation in Malta, which will be offering two levels of support. So of course, mental health support for people who are reaching a crossroads in their life, and for those that potentially need medical attention.

“But then the one that I think is so great is the emotional support. This is for anybody who feels that they need to have somebody to talk to. Maybe they’re not getting on so well with their partner at home, maybe they’re facing some kind of challenges.

“It’s there for when you need somebody to speak to and maybe make sense of your thoughts. We’re offering that 24/7 to all of our employees, all of our workforce at any time.”

This approach not only benefits employees’ well-being, Morgan-Cooper asserted, but also businesses themselves, enabling them to expand their recruitment base geographically to assume a better position in the ‘war on talent’. 

“We want to give people the freedom to take time off or work from a different location, that’s something we really want to support,” she continued. 

“Being a remote company we are one step ahead on the war on talent, we can attract people from literally all over the world and we hire people from every place around the world because we’re not tied to an office.”

KaFe Rocks: The benefits of a ‘remote first’ business