What is it?

At this year’s PM:GO 6.0 virtual event, Parimatch’s CEO Sergey Portnov sat down with Conor McGregor, MMA legend and Parimatch ambassador, to find out more about the man outside the UFC Octagon – the entrepreneur, the family man, the human being.

Who is it?

Conor McGregor: without a doubt the most famous MMA fighter the world has ever seen. The controversial Irish battler even moved into boxing for a bout with Flloyd Maywether Jnr in 2017 described at the time as “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History”.

Sergey Portnov: the visionary CEO of gambling operator Parimatch. Holder of an SBC Leader of the Year Award, Portnov has been successfully pushing the Parimatch brand internationally.

PM:GO 6.0 is Parimatch’s own conference event. It describes it in this way: “PM GO 6.0 Join the Fight is one of the largest gatherings of experts and entrepreneurs looking for answers that can’t be found online. Whether it be our friends or competitors, we are excited to invite everyone who’s up to cover tricky topics and debate on burning issues.” 

What is being said?

“There’s always an opportunity to adapt. All business sectors are being forced to look at their ways and evolve, and that’s only a good thing. I look at this year as an opportunistic year, there’s a lot of things moving and shaking, and you best believe that through this situation we are faced with, you will see some amazing, highly intuitive things take place.”

Why should I watch it?

To get an insight into one of the most fascinating and successful sportsperson in the world in an intimate setting when asked questions by another successful business man. McGregor provides insights into his personal life which he rarely shares with the public, and showed the mindset which makes him a champion.

Where can I see more?

Source: Parimatch YouTube Channel

Sergei Portnov quizzes Conor McGregor