The National Football League (NFL) schedule continues to unfold and grip fans, and for William Hill’s Jason Bell, the LA Rams are the team to beat, and could result in the biggest payout from the bookmakers.

So far this season, the Rams have won every game they have played except one against the Arizona Cardinals, facing off some formidable opponents along the way.

Bell remarked: “The ball is getting thrown everywhere around the field this season, and the best wide receiver quarterback combination is LA Rams’ Matthew Stafford and Cooper Cup they’re doing it every single week, flat out ballin’. 

For any fans of the Detroit Lions who may have bet on their team to succeed this season, however, the campaign has thus far been disappointing.

The Lions are currently winless, and Bell shared the thought – one which would be chilling to supporters of the Midwestern team – that the franchise could go winless throughout the entire season.

To make matters worse, the Lions next game is against the aforementioned LA Rams, who have been storming the competition thus far, in a home match on Sunday 24 October.

“The Detroit Lions, they lose again, their 0 and six.  Could this be a team that goes winless the entire season? They have a tough schedule ahead of them, but they play the Eagles soon, and hopefully, that gives them an opportunity to get their first win, but it’s going to be tough. Hopefully they can make it happen.”

Bell also commented on the Jacksonville Jaguars victory against the Miami Dolphins in London, building on observations last week that the NFL is experiencing a significant international boost.

Source – William Hill YouTube Channel

William Hills’ Jason Bell: LA Rams the team to beat in NFL 2021/22