The high value Saudi Arabian takeover of Newcastle United was one of the biggest sporting developments of 2021, and many fans are now watching how the club will spend its money in the next transfer window. 

However, Newcastle are not the only team under the microscope, as supporters, punters and bookies pay close attention to the January signings, as major moves could indicate who will lift the Premier League trophy.

Discussing all things English football on the latest edition of 888Sport’s The Eye Test, Tottenham Hotspur follower Abi Summers remarked identified ‘a big transfer window ahead’ for the Toon.

“There’s that argument on whether they’re going to set the precedent that everyone knows that they’ve got all this money and are they going to pay a big premium,” she commented. 

“If they want to stay in the Premier League then they’re going to have to spend money and they’re going to have to spend big. 

“I Think Dele Ali could be a good signing for Newcastle. Maybe not with the work rate, but if they want that marquee signing who has got Premier League experience and needs a fresh start.”

Unusually, the Chelsea fan and the Manhcester United supporter were able to find common ground in this episode, both acknowledging certain deficiencies in their respective teams. 

For Blues follower Rory Jennings, Chelsea require more ‘reinforcements’ in the central midfield area as well as defensively, particularly following a severe injury to Ben Chilwell. 

He said: “The way I feel about this transfer window, the Ben Chilwell injury is problematic, because Marcus Alonso isn’t good enough to play there and I think we need reinforcements in that area. We’ve got a lot of options in central midfield – not enough, but there are options.”

Jennings continued: “Chelsea fans, particularly the internet Chelsea fans, will rate Jorginho far higher than I do, but I think Chelsea need reinforcements in central midfield because we often get overrun there.”

Meanwhile, for Red Devils fan Flex of United View, central field was also an area of concern for his team. 

“Centre field is a massive area for Manchester United and even at right-back, we were chasing Trippier in the summer. It’s not up to the level,” he remarked.

“With Wan Bissaka, I was excited to have him and see what he can do. I know there’s flaws in his game, but I wanted to see if he improved over the years and what he could do. Defensively, from what I’ve seen he’s only good in one-on-one situations.”

The Eye Test: Big transfer window ahead for Newcastle United