Back in March 2020, the German federal states agreed on a new German Interstate Treaty on Gambling that is to be imposed from July 1, 2021 onwards.

Detailed in the March’s proposed federal gambling treaty was the prohibition of betting licensees from using ‘affiliate links’ or paying marketing partners a percentage of betting revenue generated by customers those affiliates send the operators.

Being reevaluated under the new Interstate Treaty 2021, the advertising rules changed but continued to be very restrictive. New restrictions included the introduction of a watershed and there still remained harsh restrictions on affiliate advertising. 

What is it?

Taken from Betting on Sports Europe – Digital the panel looks at if there be a ‘green’ version of affiliate marketing that can be developed to open up markets that have slammed the door shut under a player protection remit.

Who is it?

Dr Matthias Kirschenhofer, Chief Legal Officer, Sport1 Medien AG

Simon Otten, Key Account Manager – Digital Content, Crifbuergel

Nico Jansen, Founder & CEO, Bet It Best

Martin Arendts, General Member, IMGL International Masters of Gaming Law

What is being said?

Arendts, said: “The marketing will probably change quite a lot. The classical affiliate business is dead under the new rules, you’re not allowed to share any revenues or money customers paid in with affiliates. 

“There probably will be more money for other forms of marketing like commercials or advertising, do you see a chance in the new regulation?”

Kirschenhofer responded: “I think we will have under the new regulation some changes in view of marketing of the sports betting offers for example in the online there will be no advertising allowed anymore but also in the past we found a lot of solutions. 

“I think under the new regulations the sports betting offers will change their offer and the next step if you change your offer and your sports betting product you will also have to change your advertising.” 

Why should I watch it?

To see how affiliates in Germany are responding to the German Interstate Treaty on Gambling.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

BOSE: German Interstate Treaty on Gambling – Affiliates take