Esports Insider’s ESI Digital Spring 2021 delved into payment processing in esports and the ecommerce opportunities available to competing teams, players and organisers of tournaments.

Who is it?

Dan Houl, Head of Esports & Gaming at Nuvei

Han Park, CEO of Payment Labs

Gene Hladki, CPO of Starladder

What is being said?

Discussing the ever-growing prize pools within esports, Park noted: “I think it goes back to how competitive gaming started in the grassroots scene. It was always about gathering a number of players and teams together in a small environment where they pull in an entry fee, and a part of that entry fee is the prizes for the winning teams or players.

“Because it grew that way, there’s always been a direct correlation of quality of the event tied to the size of the prize pool. Now, you’re seeing prize money – especially with something like the internationals where it’s almost hitting $40 million – where the quality of the event is now tied to the amount of the prize pool.

“So, when you see the prize pools being that big, the production quality and the viewership goes up and the sponsorship goes up. I think that’s where it’s always been started at grassroots and that prize money has always been tied to the events.”

Responding to statistics cited by Houl showing that the current Counter-Strike prize pool stands at $14.75 million, Hladki exclaimed: “I think it’s enough, to be quite honest! I think the level that the teams are playing and the level that that tournaments are being organised, Counter-Strike can do a lot more, especially given the viewership and the teams that participate in this competition. They show incredible skill and I believe CS:GO can do a lot better.

“Should Valve decide to go for a compendium, the way they did with Dota 2, this would be a smart move – they would get the biggest prize pool in the world, even bigger than Dota’s.”

Why should I watch it?

To understand how the esports payments ecosystem operators and why prize pools are continuing to hit new heights.

Where can I see more?
Source: Esports Insider YouTube Channel

ESI Digital Spring 2021: How can esports better manage its ecommerce offering?