Esports Insider walks through some of the biggest business-related news stories from the esports space in this week’s edition of the ESI Digest.

Who is it?

Tom Daniels, Sub-Editor of Esports Insider

What is being said?

Daniels began: “One thing that we have seen more and more of within the esports space is traditional sports integration and this story is no different as Chelsea Football Club and England midfielder Mason Mount has been appointed as an official brand ambassador for Combat Gaming.

“We’ve seen celebrity integration within esports come into the forefront quite a few times now, whether it be through ambassadorial roles or through the creation of certain events, such as what Combat Gaming have been doing. I think it’s about driving people and driving that mainstream audience into esports and popularising it within a casual audience who will sit down and watch TV or watch something on YouTube which can kind of relate to that.”

He added: “Overall, with these appointments, it’s all about how much the person appointed is willing to invest in the project. It does help the fact that Mount has already participated in three Combat Gaming events already so it kind of shows that he already has a willingness for the project that Combat Gaming are pushing.

“I do feel that this could be a very successful appointment but only time will tell and it will be nice to see how viewership changes with esports in these events in the future.”

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To hear insights into some of the biggest business deals signed in the esports space and how brand ambassadorship is growing within the industry.

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ESI: Driving mainstream audiences to esports via brand ambassadors