The online skill gaming industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy. But how much is this currently recognised? Sunil Krishnamurthy of The All India Gaming Federation opens the second day of the SBC Digital India conference with a keynote about self-regulation, best practices, responsible gaming and player protection. 

What is it?

In the keynote Krishnamurthy talks about the online skill game industry and its rapid growth, how the gaming industry has ‘proven’ itself during the pandemic by beating the ‘economic downtrend.’ and the rise in the online gaming community. 

The AIGF is a registered non-society based in Mumbai, established in June 2016 by industry stakeholders, it has more than 40 members across all online skill gaming categories.

It liaises with various states, and Advertising Ministries and Departments for sharing knowledge about the industry, including the 21st Law Commission of India, MEITY and CVIC to highlight the economic benefits of the sector. 

Who is it?

Sunil Krishnamurthy, General Secretary, All India Gaming Federation Advisory Board.

What is being said?

Krishnamurthy on the rise of the online gambling community in India: “There’s also a perspective in terms of revenue where gaming is supposed to substantially contribute to the governments indirect tax collection. It’s estimated to be approximately INR9.8bn in 2019 and may swell to INR28.6bn by 2022. 

“Another major promotional thrust in nationwide popularity of esports and online gaming will emerge from soaring numbers of internet users in India. According to a recent Google KPMG report, the user base will grow to 735m by 2021, this will include 536m users of Indian language internet users.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about self-regulation, best practices, responsible gaming and player protection in the Indian gaming market. 

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

AIGF: the importance of self-regulation in the India gaming market