Betegy CEO Alex Kornilov: “Personalisation should go beyond the team that you follow”

During June’s Betting on Sports Europe (BOSE) event at London’s Twickenham stadium, SBC News spoke to BETEGY CEO Alex Kornilov on the need for personalising content for bettors and what his company is aiming to achieve in this field. 

Betegy attended as panel exhibitors on the topic of modernisation of horse racing, discussing how the sport can boost its audience through online content. 

Kornilov believes that the ‘story is king’ like with a majority of other sports, and for horseracing to grow even further, the Betegy CEO would like more insight available to the audience when interacting with horseracing events. 

He said: “I think the story is the king still. We need to expose the event itself in more details and get access to the customers on the other side of the screen – people who are consuming the content – they will need more insight into it and not only from the perspective of betting, but also the perspective of life stories of the stable, jockeys, horses and the event in general. 

“New customers and new audiences can get into this and support not just the betting itself per se or the action of the course, but rather following the personality and this works well with any other sport.”

Like with a host of sports data and betting platforms, Betegy will be preparing to supply content to its users during November/December this year as the FIFA World Cup commences in Qatar

Kornilov gave SBC News some insight into what his company will aim to create during one of the largest sporting events in the world. 

“I see that the technologies and platforms need to mature inside the industry, or to get mass market adoption. We started personalisation seven/eight years ago and was our first service in cooperation with betting operators and media companies. What happened now is you see it more and more,” expressed Kornilov. 

“So, the World Cup is a pretty big event and everyone has their own team to follow, but personalisation should go beyond the team that you follow. Actually, you need to follow the players, athletes from your rivals, and how people share the experiences around this event together.

“It is also about getting engagement on a new level, around the event, but also behind the person, behind the screen; the bettor, what he likes to bet on. For example, there are people who bet on corners, or people who bet on full-time score, live betting, so that they can build a profile so our services are able to unlock those powers inside this insight.”

There was also enough time for Kornilov to outline the importance of content backed by efficient data, and how critical data is for an operator to perform. 

He stated: “Well for example, we are doing an integration for a lot of horseracing events and unfortunately, the official content is scattered. It’s hard to put our hands on the sources which we can connect to and because of that, our product can perform as much as we have data. You’re limited by the amount of data points coming in and what experience you can make out of it.”