This month’s Betting on Sports Europe (BOSE) event featured a huge range of representatives from across various verticals of the gambling industry, including app developer mkodo.

Speaking to SBC’s Senior Media Executive, Erin Gallagher, mkodo’s Managing Director, Stuart Godfree, shared his views on the benefits of attending the conferences, and discussed the company’s plans and his industry predictions for the new year.

“There’s a lot of great opportunities for us,” Godfree began. “The whole industry is going through quite a significant delta change right now, and we are literally on the precipice of seeing something really amazing happening.” 

He continued: “What do I see coming forward in 2022? I think there’s going to be a lot more companies that are going to be sold, there’s going to be a lot more companies joining forces. 

“I see a huge amount of change in the industry – some are good, some are bad, and the other thing that I do see is we will see a lot more regulation, and that partly bourne out by what we’ve seen during lockdown and people’s gaming habits. 

“I think it’s good for the industry, the industry needs to be respectful of the regulations and regulated markets. Next year. I think it’s just going to be fabulous.”

Discussing the BOSE event as a whole, Godfree explained his view that events such as the recent one at London’s Stamford Bridge stadium are ‘excellent’ opportunities for companies to build business relationships.

He detailed: “I think the thing that you notice is that you connect with people and opportunities that you would not normally experience, and certainly over the last two years, what we’ve seen is you’re just very siloed and looking at just what you think is important, and already today we’ve had a number of great conversations with people which has just given lightbulb moments. We have to do these things which are really great.”

Lastly, the Managing Director also took the opportunity to reiterate some of his key arguments made in a panel session earlier in the day (10 November) regarding the technological development in the betting and gaming space.

“The big thing about technology is you’ve just got to think broadly about what problems you have and how you’re going to fix them, and there’s no easy answer,” he remarked.

“To this, as I said in a session, there’s no user manual to building technology. It is something that just evolves and you have to just work out what the problems are as you go along.”

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BOSE: mkodo’s Stuart Godfree on ‘huge amount of change’ ahead in 2022