Interviewing famous poker head Molly Bloom in Barcelona, SBC asked about how the sport looks from her own seat. 

Having hosted a number of private games throughout the years, Bloom is well-versed in what it takes to create a good and attractive product for customers. 

Explaining what regulated casinos and online sites can learn about products from private and offshore games in terms of appeal and functionality, Bloom said: “When I ran a private game, I focused on the experience – building out the fantasy, learning how to make people safe, seen, heard, remembered and special.

“I focused on having the best product out there and it starts with the experience of one person. Those six or seven years when I focused on that, my game dominated. When I started to focus on money, then I started to run into problems. I think it is worth it to invest in this brand that makes people feel special.”

Bloom also discussed the topic of bringing in a similar-level system for players that could make the poker experience that much more exciting. She continued: “Ideally, in my game you have a table with people with similar skill, level and play style. 

“The results would then be exciting, while at the end of the year it’s evenly spread out. It’s the joy of poker, the joy of winning, but nobody’s going broke. Like in sports, for instance – here are the pros, here are the amateurs. That would be where I would start.”

On player protection, she added: “Cheating is a really big deal online. I did have people that attempted to cheat. I think it’s about cultivating great relationships with people so that you can have eyes on the inside. When I heard rumours of someone, I just didn’t take chances, you have to protect players.”

Molly Bloom: Poker should make players feel special