Livespins CCO Pedersen: Engaging a new audience in iGaming

During this past May, Livespins CCO Michael Pedersen spoke with SlotBeats at the CasinoBeats Summit 2022 in Malta, as he praised the firm’s ability to engage a wide demographic. 

The Livespins chief was a guest panellist at the event on ‘Slot Suppliers – How to stand out from the crowd’, and discussed what transpired as well as the importance of attending events like CasinoBeats Summit. 

Pedersen explained: “It was a great panel, a good bunch of speakers. Obviously, there are now 250 plus scheme providers in the industry. So it is becoming a jungle out there or has been for a while. At Livespins we fit in very well in that category.

“Getting inspiration and seeing the latest and greatest it’s always important to keep it close, to feel the heartbeat of the industry. I think that’s one of the best ways of doing that is attending conferences and expos such as this one.”

Pedersen also took time to attend other conferences at CasinoBeats Summit, such as a panel on the metaverse; the direction the digital world will be taking us on. 

The conversation then delved into the social aspect of igaming. As audiences begin to expand, attracting more diverse age ranges, the needs of the consumers are now asking for a plethora of new and innovative methods. 

Pedersen spoke on how highly popular tech gaming platforms like Twitch, are helping igaming companies develop their own products. 

He stated: “What we do effectively is instead of just watching a casino streamer passively on Twitch or YouTube, Livespins now enables players to bet behind not only the player on the streamer, but multiple players at the same time. 

“All of that combined creates a group experience or a social experience. We strongly believe that a bigger and bigger chunk or a bigger segment of players are looking for that kind of experience.

“Apple is doing it. Disney Plus is introducing social mechanics to their digital entertainment products. But when you look inside igaming, we think it’s very important that we adapt and we listen to these kinds of trends, because otherwise we will eventually become irrelevant or there will be a bigger and bigger segment of players that will not find the type of entertainment that they want to consume.”

Malta has become a hub for igaming, betting and slot companies over the past several years and whilst speaking at the event in Malta, Pedersen 

“What has happened since is now, there’s a thousand of employees, 300 plus licences based out of Malta. The whole ecosystem in Malta has started catering towards the industry. You can now do a bachelor or a master’s program targeted to go and work in igaming afterwards,” remarked Pedersen. 

Pedersen also discusses the potential of the Italian market for igaming, along with what Livespins has in store for the future.