At the CasinoBeats’ recent Slots Festival held last week, Interactive Gaming Group’s newly appointed CEO, Cristina Niculae gave her perspective on the casino industry and what she expects in her role as the newly appointed CEO of a leading affiliate specialising slots and live streaming.

What is it?

In the session Niculae spoke on the hurdles the igaming industry faced in a challenging 2020 such as the closure of land based operations as well as some closures of online operations in markets that had a more drastic approach towards the pandemic,  and indicated what the sector can expect for the future.

The keynote took a more inspiring tone highlighting the progress the sector had made over the past year including its innovation in slots with new reel mechanics capturing more diverse audiences, the focus on cloud gaming technology which, in her words “really opened up the possibilities for new experiences, more vitriol, more interactive, more immersive experiences.”

The advancement in technologies such as 5G was underlined as well as the rise in virtual technology, augmented reality and virtual reality’ which Niculae maintains “will have far reaching implications for the igaming and slots industries.” 

Additionally Niculae spoke of the rise of the ‘creator economies’ which she believes will have a ‘tremendous’ impact on the igaming industry. 

Who is it?

Cristina Niculae, CEO, Interactive Gaming Group 

What is being said?

Niculae: “Now 2020 locked us indoors, but really opened up the possibilities for new experiences, more vitriol, more interactive, more immersive experiences.

“We are truly lucky that the advancement of such technology, 5g technology for example, are creating a seamless gaming experience for the user. You can now play slots from any device as long as it has a screen and internet connection anywhere in the world.”

Niculae: “2020 is empowering people to look for experiences where they can engage beautifully with their friends seamlessly creating an experience that would normally take hours to plan, prepare and arrive at.

“For example, going to a land based casino together with your friends has now switched to an online experience. What used to be an experience that was shared with a small group of friends, or limited group of friends can now be broadcasted to audiences worldwide, and it can also be experienced in a virtual reality environment.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about the challenges and changes brought about in 2020 for the igaming industry and the implications this could have for the sector in the coming years. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel 

Cristina Niculae: 2020 the year of Change and Challenge