What is it?

Three part interview as part of Star Sports’s #BettingPeople series this time interviewing cricket legend turned racehorse owner, Michael Holding

Holding talks about how he discovered racing, what the sport means to him, and reflects on his cricket career highlights.

In the first episode Holding talks about his fascination for horses, his days at Caymanas Park, bookmaking in Jamaica and how he got into owning horses.

Part two, sees Michael talk about his friendship with Sir Michael Stoute, the benefits of racehorse ownership, and what racing can do better in terms of the race day experience and representation.

In part three, Michael looks at his cricketing career highlights and divulges who he believes the greatest fast bowler of the modern era is. 

Who is it?

Michael Holding, Cricket Legend, Racehorse Owner & Cricket Commentator

William Kedjanyi, Political Betting Analyst, Star Sports

Michael Holding is one of the best fast bowlers ever to have played Test cricket earning him the nickname “Whispering Death”, he formerly played for the West Indies cricket team. He is currently a cricket commentator for Sky Sports

What is being said?

Holding’s addressed how the race day experience as a horse owner can be approved and the challenges faced during the pandemic. 

Michael Holding: “I think a lot of people are so unhappy this year because it’s costly, horses don’t return on the investment and at the same time they are not getting the fun that they are hoping that they would have had.’ 

“Hopefully next year everyone will be able to go back, they will be able to enter the ring because that is the great experience walking into that ring… having a quiet word with the jockey, not necessarily anything to do with the race but just saying ‘hello I’m going to talk to the jockey’, talk to the trainer and then walk back up to watch your horse perform in that race, all of that is a part of the experience and I know owners right now are a little bit worried about that aspect of things. Spending all this money and not getting the fun and the real enjoyment that they came for.” 

Why should I watch it?

To gain insight into the cricketing and racing world, with a sporting legend. To look at how the cricket landscape has changed over the years and what the future holds for the sport. Holding’s addresses how the racing ownership landscape has changed over the past few months during the pandemic and offers advice to others looking to enter into the business.

Where can I see more?

Source: Stars Sports YouTube Channel

Michael Holding: Cricket career highlights and racing ownership