In the CONNECTED series, Pinnacle Esports gives a behind the scenes look for the build up of different esports teams preparation before Flashpoint 2, the second global Counter Strike: Global Offensive [CS:GO] for which Pinnacle Esports is its online betting provider.

What is it?

Following yesterday’s announcement of’s defeat of OG 2-1 in the Grand Final as open qualifier to Flashpoint 2. It saw the team take home $500,000 and the new street art-inspired AK-47 Trophy customized by Timmy “SLOTH” Ham. 

A three part social series sees Pinnacle Esports catch up with some of the teams ahead of the Flashpoint 2 competition. 

Heading into the Flashpoint 2 playoffs, in Episode 1 Pinnacle takes a look at how the remaining teams are preparing for their matches and captures the thoughts and feelings of players.

In Episode 2. of CONNECTED, Pinnacle visits Mantuu, Nifty and Fnatic and takes a look at the challenges they’ve had over the past year.

Episode 3. the team visit MADLions and MIBR and take a look at the challenges they’ve had over the past year.

Who is it?

Pinnacle Esports

Episode 1

Johannes Wodarz, tabseN, BIG

Patrik Lindberg, fOrest, Dignitas VIE

Mareks Galinskis, Yekindar,


Episode 2

Jesper Weckshell, JW, Fnatic

Mateusz Wilczewski, mantuu, OG

Maikl Selim, Golden, Fnatic

Freddy Johansson, Krimz, Fnatic

Nah Francis, Nifty, Team Envy

Episode 3

Ismail Ali, refrezh, Mad Lions

Frederik Gyldstrand, acoR, Mad Lions

Rasmus Nielsen, HooXi, Mad Lions

Raphael Camargo, cogu, MIBR

What is being said?

Reflecting on the impact on the pandemic, Jesper Weckshell, JW, Fnatic, noted: “It’s world wide right so I mean, you can’t do that much about it either because it’s a pandemic. It sucks but you need to look at the bigger picture and it’s happening in the whole world. I think the way it affected our team is mostly that when you move from land to online that throws all the experience out the window basically. Online we have to play more individually which doesn’t maybe fit us the best because we rely a lot on the experience.”  

Why should I watch it?

With online viewership for Flashpoint 2 grossing over 7 million hours watched and a record peak of 206,000+ concurrent viewers during the tournament series it’s an interesting behind the scenes look at esports players day to day lives, looking at their living arrangements. Include interviews with various players, behind the scenes look at how and where they film their content. 

It looks at how esports players are dealing with the pandemic, how they have adapted, how things have changed, challenges presented.

Where can I see more?

Source: Pinnacle Esports YouTube channel

Flashpoint 3 will return in 2021 with dates expected to be announced soon.

Pinnacle Esports gives behind the scenes look of Flashpoint 2 preparation with CONNECTED series