Sports Gambling Education has published its sixth Student Happy Hour Q&A webinar series answering and questions for any current topic in the legalised sports gambling industry. Panelists included SGE Director, Jim Kahler, and SGE Instructor, Steve Pastorino from U.S. Integrity

What is it?

The session answers questions regarding resources available for compliance officers to use, to review the various jurisdictional laws, Canada’s future involving legalised sport betting, if the NCAA would consider changing its bylaw regarding banning advertising on uniforms and much more. 

Who is it?

Jim Kahler, Director of Sports Gambling Education, Ohio University

Steve Pastorino, Senior VP & Head of Business Development, U.S. Integrity

David M. Grimes, Director of Academics, Cyanna Education Services

What is being said?

When asked whether he believes there will be an influx of newer (and smaller) companies that enter into the sports betting industry Pastorino responded: “We hear of five a week out here in Nevada. 

“Media companies, different types of social apps, we’re not seeing new sportsbooks that cost a tonne of money to launch a sportsbook but all of the ancillary businesses around sports betting, different types of vendors, providers, news services. 

“It seemed like there was about a month for every week there’s a new free-to-play content company that was going to offer app content for sports consumers, potentially in locations that didn’t have sports betting yet, to get people in the idea of playing some sort of pick’em game on your phone. 

“Which is really just sort of feeding your interest in that type of play for you to become a sports bettor down the line. 

“I was talking to a colleague of mine at Cal State Bakersfield and they were approached about a free-to-play game to ‘bet’ on Cal State Bakersfield basketball and they were like am I allowed to do this? 

“I said talk to your team but if it looks like you know betting in the offing your instinct is probably not wrong that they are trying to create/train a behaviour for when California has sports betting two years or four years from now.

“It’s a boom space there’s tonnes of small companies entering from my perspective.”  

Why should I watch it?

To gain educational insight into a variety of topics from the legalised sports gambling industry.

Where can I see more?
Source: Sports Gambling Education YouTube Channel

Sports Gambling Education: Sports Betting is a ‘Boom space’