In the most recent edition of FSB Meets… the gaming technology provider chats to SBC Founder and CEO Rasmus Sojmark about his early days in Denmark working in the military and why he decided to launch SBC in 2009.

What is it?

In the video produced in partnership with Smart Digital, Sojmark is asked about the pair of SBC Awards wins for FSB, as well as his respect for the company’s CEO Dave McDowell and board chairman Mark Blandford.

With the challenges presented in 2020 for the entire industry, Sojmark gives insight into how he pivoted SBC away from the turmoil that the pandemic created.

FSB Meets… is a new podcast series which sees its Head of Marketing Chris Graham chat to some of the key figures in the sports betting world.

Who is it?

Chris Graham, Head of Marketing, FSB

Rasmus Sojmark, CEO & Founder, SBC

What is being said?

When asked about his proudest moment from 2020, Sojmark responded: “I would probably say roundabout now, when the first real reality comes to life and you are looking and thinking where are we at? Have we done ok? We are an event organiser after all, we are hospitality, we hit harder probably than most other companies and industries. It’s just a fact.

“If physical events are not possible and the first thing you have to do is, you have to lay people off because you can’t pay people salaries. I think that’s been the main thing to try and get through the year without ending somewhere in December and thinking now we have to start laying people off. 

“You tried to be ahead of it by being very aggressive on ideas, sales and all that. I think it’s the first time you can be a bit relieved. We have actually done pretty well.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about SBC as a company and its CEO. 

Where can I see more?

Source: FSB Technology YouTube Channel

FSB Meets: Sojmark reflects on hard hit 2020 for the events industry