Sports betting app BetBull has continued to strengthen its UK presence, through a new marketing campaign. 

As part of the growth, the campaign will run on TV and will be centered around Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona

Furthermore, the campaign will be spearheaded by Forever Data, and according to Campaign, it will air on social platforms, radio and television. 

The messaging of the campaign will focus on the social element of the site as it allows users to engage with each other and elevate social activity and conversation whilst they are wagering. 

It comes as BetBull has continued to boost its social growth – with just last year it confirmed the acquisition of Social betting platform Wager.

Commenting on the transaction, Sadok Kohen, Founder & CEO of BetBull, said: “I was impressed with what Leo and Elliott were able to do and I can’t wait for them to create value for Betbull.”

BetBull boosts media presence with Eric Cantona led ad campaign