It’s a debate that consistently occupies the centre of attention in bars, betting shops and terraces, and 888sport’s The Eye Test is the latest platform to try and analyse who is the Premier League’s ‘GOAT’? 

The panel took a specific look at the career and trajectory of Cristiano Ronaldo and where he stands in the pool of Premier League greats, and whether the Portuguese star takes the mantle of the league’s greatest ever. 

Flex was keen to emphasise that in his second run as a red, Ronaldo has a key opportunity to separate himself from Lionel Messi as the greatest player ever and also cement his legacy as the best baller to ever grace the Premier League. 

Meanwhile, Stephen McInerney highlighted that Ronaldo’s first stint in the Premier League wasn’t the same player that tore apart La Liga for Real Madrid. 

Controversially, Ped from ToffeeTV stated that he ranks Wayne Rooney higher as a Manchester United player and in the all-time list of Premier League rankings, as he cited the Liverpudlian’s unbelievable goalscoring record at Old Trafford. 

The other player that came into focus as a potential challenge to Ronaldo, was Thierry Henry, yet his lack of consecutive titles was something that potentially set him back in overtaking Ronaldo to the crown. 

Flex added that Henry not only changed what it was to be a striker, but also changed the whole football culture at the time and influenced a new generation of attacking players. 

The panel concluded that if an older Ronaldo defines two generations through his second stint in the Premier League, he will be cemented as one of the greatest ever. Taking Manchester United to a major trophy would truly take his legacy to the next level. 

888sport – Assessing Ronaldo’s rating as the Premier League GOAT