As fans, we all know the feeling of dread as a player you know is imperative to your side is ruled out for a period of time – leaving an otherwise solid eleven to look disjointed and as if they have never played before. 

With the star power of the Premier League higher than ever, there are a number of players that are deemed simply indispensable to their team. 

As the drama continues to unfold, 888Sport hosted another edition of The Eye Test, seeking to establish those players that are currently imperative to their sides. 

It was the goalkeepers who immediately took the limelight as Steven McInerney highlighted the importance of Ederson as City’s last line of defence and as someone who he stated ‘has changed the way we view goalkeepers in England’. 

This was followed up by Ped from ToffeeTV, who lauded England number one, Jordan Pickford, emphasising the difference in quality between him and the backup option in Asmir Begovic. 

For Flex, of the United View – the case was far less clear cut as he highlighted the obvious choice is Bruno Fernandes due to his goals and assists, as well as the impact he has had since joining the Red Devils, however, he did state his belief that the current side simply can’t live without resurgent left-back Luke Shaw. 

Rory Jennings also went for a choice that many perhaps wouldn’t have been expecting for the most vital player at Stamford Bridge, opting for Mason Mount as someone the European champions would struggle to live without. 

The panel also looked at other Premier League sides, struggling to really pin down a player for Arsenal who is indispensable as the Gunners continue to embark on a period of transition. 

Fresh off the back of his marvelous performance at Old Trafford, they also took the chance to heap praise on Mohamed Salah, who continues to cement himself as one of the world’s best.  

888sport The Eye Test – Identifying the indispensable players for Premier League clubs