In the final episode of the season of Barstool Sportsbook’s Fantasy Football Factory, there was only one place to start as the boys reflected on Antonio Brown and the fallout from his breakdown. 

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-10 down against the struggling New York Jets, wide receiver Brown departed the pitch abruptly as he threw his shirt to the crowd. 

The panel revealed that Brown had been asked to enter the pitch, however, he refused numerous times before leaving the stadium. They also underlined that it is a ‘sad turn of events’, with Brown, who will likely be cut now, being needed from a football perspective. 

As well as this, Steven Cheah was also critical of journalists that have since lambasted Brown, detailing that he hopes the talented player, with his ‘hall of fame resume’, gets the help he needs, as he also thanked him for his input in the Buccs’ Super Bowl victory. 

Emphasising why Brown was still a positive signing for the Buccs, Ben Mintz added that he has real chemistry with Tom Brady, as he suggested that it could be tough for the side to adjust as they lose Brown. 

He went on to praise the Cincinnati Bengals, a side that continues to perform, earning a major win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the last round, in what was a dramatic back and forth tussle. 

The pair placed heightened praise on Ja’Marr Chase, who is having a spectacular signing after his entry from college football, where he was also immensely impressive.

The Fantasy Football Factory: The Bengals battle on and reflections on the Antonio Brown incident