GeoComply is a geolocation compliance security firm designed to provide authenticated data collection to prevent gaming and entertainment companies from fraud. 

GeoComply’s Managing Director, Lindsay Slader, spoke at last year’s SBC Summit North America about GeoComply’s venture into the fraud space and how they can help operators with their software. 

“Traditionally GeoComply worked in the gaming space providing geolocation solutions to the industry,” said Slader. 

“Through that we collect a lot of user device information that really lends itself amazingly to preventing fraud; identifying fraud. What we are looking at right now is how we can work with our partners, operators, platform providers to leverage all of that powerful data and create new solutions and help them fight fraud on a larger scale.” 

Slader also discussed how the industry is evolving and knowing when the right time was to focus on a fraud prevention focus. 

“The industry has been focused on building itself, expanding to new jurisdictions,” commented Slader. 

“Now we’re at the point where people are trying to optimise their product to a larger scale as the industry expands.

“Along with that is ultimately the cost. Fraud is real for operators and we’re hoping to help them find new solutions to make their systems work better.”

Slader also gave some insight into how the industry will shape itself in 2022 and beyond. 

Our data perfectly lends itself to protect against fraud’ – Lindsay Slader, Managing Director of GeoComply