Thomas Smallwood, Head of Marketing at ESA Gaming, spoke with SBC about the company’s vision ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar. 

A leading topic in the conversation became cross-selling, which Smallwood noted there currently a “big opportunity” for. He added: “For example, we’ve developed a suite of games that sit directly in the sportsbook. This gives operators the chance to cross-sell from sports products to the casino at a much lower cost.”

On how ESA Gaming plans to attack the many opportunities for content selling created by the World Cup, Smallwood commented: “Our best selling game is called ‘Gold mine’, which is a football game where you progress up the football field and then in the bonus round you actually choose your spot and shoot at goal. That’s an obvious tie-in with the World Cup. 

“We’ve had a lot of interest from operators getting that game in their sportsbooks, because they see it as a way to help them engage with a more casual football. It also acts as a retention tool for players once they’re in there, so in moments that are a little bit dead in the sport, maybe they can go in and have a bet and play around these kinds of games.”

ESA Gaming: World Cup to create ‘big opportunities’ for gaming